Thursday, 24 November 2011

Thermaltake Gaming Gear!

Thermaltake Gaming Gear
Gaming Mice & Pad Combo’s
TteSports by Thermaltake Dasher Mini Mouse pad – Promotional item only!

Today I have a special treat for you all. I have for reviewing today 2 mouse pads and a gaming mouse, all thanks to Thermaltake! The three products we have on hand are:

Black Gaming Mouse
DPI : 400/800/2000/4000
USB data format : 16 bits
Max Acceleration : 50G
Max Speed : 90IPS
Report rate : 500 reports per second
Tuning Weight : Yes (4.5gx5)
On the move DPI : Yes/4 levels (400/800/2000/4000)
Buttons (Left / Right) : 5 million clicks
Cable length : 1.8 m braided
Feet material : Teflon
USB connector : Gold-plated

Ladon Gaming Mouse pad
Durable surface: for long term gaming session
Solid sewing edge: prevents peeling or warping problem
Unique sensor reflection: high content of micro fibre with superior density gives excellent control
Sturdy non-slip design: unique pattern creates effective gaming precision
Gaming profiles optimize: optimal surface for any type of mouse and is specifically geared for RTS and MMOPRG gamers
Dimension (LxWxH): 360x300x3mm
Ultra-Thin Fiber and Nature Rubber Base, ensuring Mouse Pad Stays in Place.
Ideal for MMORPG Game Genre’s Demands in Précised Control and Movement.
Perfect Match with Tt eSPORTS AZURUES or AZURUES Mini mouse.

Dasher Mini Mouse pad
Size 235mm x 190mm x 3mm
Material: Cloth weave & natural rubber

Let’s start off with the Dasher Mini. As its name would suggest.. It is quite mini. However, let’s not forget some things come better in smaller packages. This pad is a sample product of the full sized dasher. The small size is beneficial for those looking at a mouse pad to use in confined places. If you have a small desk, then a mini mouse pad would be quite useful for you. The pad comes in a little thin book like fold out piece of cardboard which in all honesty, is one of those things where I would love to keep the packaging because it’s just so frigging cool.  It is totally travel-friendly. If your one who attends LAN events or move your computer around, simply pop the pad back into its sleeve and chuck it in your LAN bag with all your other goodies! The stiffness of the packaging will help keep your pad snug and safe.
Though its small, I didn’t find myself falling off the edges, even with my mid-range mouse sensitivity, the size was enough for movements across dual monitors quite comfortably. The pad’s adhesive underneath was quite good and kept the pad nicely planted on my desk without any movements or the corners curling up.
The pad itself feels real good. Mouse movements on it are very smooth regardless of it being a $10 quality mouse or a $100 gaming mice, this makes your mice, feel good!
During gameplay the mouse pad was very responsive, I didn’t get any speed issues or discomfort by the size of it, it all seemed to work quite well.

Next up, we have the much bigger and more badass brother of the Dasher Mini, the Ladon Gaming Mouse Pad. First things first, this is a big ass mouse pad. You’re going to need an ultimate uber-desk to use this thing. It’s a big and thick mouse pad to ordinary standards. The unique material of the mouse pad makes it thicker than your normal pads which sit almost flat along your desk. Once you have one of these, everybody is going to notice the massive pad under your mice. A feature I did however like about this mouse pad, was the solid sewing around the edges. This helps prevent the curling problem sometimes come across by moving your hand over the edges or the mice falling off the edge. I can brush my hand comfortable over the pad and my fingers just smoothly roll over the pad with no curling what so ever.
The pad sits quite well on the table, very sturdy and steady. It’s called the ‘speed edition’ for a reason, it’s super-fast. My mouse just glides over the pad with ease and is very responsive. Gaming was quite fun on this mouse pad, it took a few headshots (receiving end) for me to get used to the smoothness and speed of the mouse pad. The size of the pad I found to be quite welcoming when it comes to gaming. Not sure why but the knowledge of having a massive pad to play gives my game character a good ego boost in-game.

Last but not least, we have the Black Gaming Mouse. This mouse was on the WCG’s 2010 Official Hardware list of products and proudly displays the sticker on the front of box. Opening it up, the mouse sits in a perfectly moulded plastic housing. Underneath the multiple layers of plastic we have the user’s manual, which is one of the thickest manual I have seen, and it’s for a mouse. Not sure about others, but I have never found myself to read the manual of a mouse, I just want to plug it in and fiddle around with it and find the features of the mice by luck. Within the packaging you also get a mouse pocket, which is fantastic, again for people who regularly LAN, put your mouse in the zip pocket and keep it safe and secure!

The design of the mouse is nice and smooth, my hand fits nicely over the mice and all buttons are very comfortable to use. The mouse will favour those who use their mice in a claw manner. The scroll wheel is clear plastic around the sides which help radiate the red light from underneath it, it feels very strong and responds very well to scrolls and even clicks. Up behind the wheel we have sensitivity controls which let your instantly control the DPI of the mouse. The level of the mice’s sensitivity shows up on three illuminated bars running along the left hand side of the mouse, although you do have to look almost directly over it to actually see the lights. At the rear end of the mouse there is the Tt logo which contains the same red light throughout the entire unit. Now the cool bit, the light brightens and darkens randomly and it looks awesome! Very cool bit of extra feature.
Beneath the mouse we have a little housing that holds the 4.5g weights. If you like lighter mice just take out to your desired level and put the excess weights in the pocket! The thumb side of the mouse has an extra button and has a patch of bumpy rubber for those times your thumb needs a good grip! The mouse is designed more for right handed users, with the thumb rubber pad and button on the one side only. Though left hand users may find it comfortable, the awkward positioning of the button may cause issues.

Overall the 3 items I had a look today offer gamers good options for mice and mouse pads. Thermaltake’s signature black and red designs make it look like a nice complete set on your desk, get a keyboard and complete the look. I’ve always been one who is quite fond of Thermaltake with myself owning a fair few of their products and it’s good to see even in different product areas, they’ve been able to keep up their consistency in the look and feel of Thermaltake.
These Thermaltake products offer great performance at very competitive pricing.

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  1. I have an old Evolve gaming mouse pad here and all the edges have peeled so sewing the edges is a good idea.

    I find the bigger mousepads definitely a bonus when it comes to FPS gaming also.


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