Friday, 4 September 2015

Creative T4 Wireless 2.1 Speaker Review

Continuing on from the Sound Blaster E3 earlier this week I also got a chance to try out a couple of Creative speakers including the 5.1 Inspire T6300 and their benchmark speaker the T4 Wireless.


I’ll start off with the T6300 because truthfully there isn’t too much to say about these speakers. The T6300 reminded me ever so much of my set of Inspire 6600 6.1 Speakers. Speakers to this day I still use, the subwoofer on that old system still comes in handy. The T6300’s reminded me of the past due its extremely similar sound signature, overall build and design.

The Creative 5.1 T6300 is put simply a great choice for those looking to add a quick 5.1 setup to their PC’s without having to fork out almost 3 times as much for similar setups, sure for the price you are sacrificing some quality and packaging perks but the T6300 is never marketed as being a high end 5.1 solution so you kind of get what you pay for, and what you get is an extremely satisfying 5.1 audio setup.

The real review here is about the T4 Wireless, something I have a lot to discuss about. The Creative T4 Wireless is put simply a 2.1 wireless speaker system with NFC and Bluetooth.

No different from the T6300’s the T4 Wireless comes in a shiny box with very un-shiny insides. You’re greeted with a lovely looking cardboard box that holds all the goodies like the 2 speakers, power cable, volume hub and remote (unfortunately my demo unit did not come with the remote).

For a speaker set worth over $350 the overall build quality is pretty decent par the volume hub. The volume dial doesn’t have weight behind and has no start or end so you don’t really know where the volume is actually set. It does feel quite flimsy at times and could’ve benefited from a more robust build with some sort of haptic feedback for the volume dial.

The speaker modules and subwoofer feel very sturdy and represent the price tag the T4 Wireless is asking for.

Setting up the system is as easy as one would expect. Plug in the power; plug in the speakers with the attached RCA cables to the outputs of the subwoofer, wire up the volume hub and you’re good to go. The rear of the subwoofer also features optical input and RCA inputs, changing inputs is simple as pressing the source button (this is where a remote would’ve been real handy for me). Without the remote I had to physically press the button on the hub but don’t stress, if you choose to buy the T4 Wireless (and you should) yours will come with the remote!

This is where you realise why you will buy these speakers. The sound quality on the T4 Wireless is nothing but exceptional is quite possibly the best sound I’ve heard come out of similar sound setups. The speaker modules feature audiophile-grade aluminium drivers for full mid-range and ultra-clear highs giving you exceptional crisp audio. Those speakers coupled with the compact SLAM (Symmetrically Loaded Acoustic Module) subwoofer delivers an exceptional sound stage. The subwoofer really packs a huge punch that’s clean and pure. Watching sports, movies and even tense moments of The Bachelor really showcase the detail to sound quality on the T4 Wireless.

One of the other parts of the T4 Wireless is the actual wireless part. With both NFC and Bluetooth it’s suitable for pretty much any mobile device you may have. Setup in my living room I had it paired with my iPhone and it performed no less than I expected. The sound was loud, clear, packed a huge punch and was just an overall good experience to listen on. The Bluetooth distance on my iPhone 6 was approximately 10 meters, so just bare that in mind. The Bluetooth functionality does have aptX for supporting devices which means your Bluetooth sound will be as good as wired audio and I’ve become a firm believer of that after both Creative devices performing exceptionally with it. 

So as I mentioned earlier I set the T4 Wireless up in my lounge room and used it as a sound bar replacement and to be honest, the T4 Wireless is better than a sound bar. It offers an almost identical feature set for possibly half the price of retail sound bars. As somebody who was researching which sound bar to purchase, I now have my answer, the Creative T4 Wireless.

Overall the Creative T4 Wireless is an absolute amazing piece of audio hardware and it’s easily one of the best audio solutions you can currently buy on the market today. The 2.1 setup gives you ample volume while keeping it low profile and space saving.

Sahin Selvi

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