Monday, 20 April 2015

Toshiba Z20T Laptop Review

The Toshiba Portege Z20T is powerful ultrabook that can replace your tablet. The high-performance convertible Z20t is the perfect, detachable 12.5” professional Ultrabook™ to replace your tablet. Not only does it pack some beefy internals but comes with a solid built frame with features ideal for all types of heavy on the go users.

This unit as mentioned does have some beefy specs, so let’s first take a look what’s inside:

CPU: Intel® Core M-5Y71 Processor (1.2GHz - 2.9GHz (Turbo, 2 Cores)
Memory: 8GB LPDDR3L
Storage: 256GB M.2 SSD
Display: 12.5” Full-HD IPS Anti-Glare Touch Display
Dock: AC Power, HDMI, VGA, Ethernet, 2x USB3.0
OS: Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit
Warranty: 3-Year limited international

You can expect standard laptop packaging with the Z20T. You wouldn’t guess this is a $2000 tablet/laptop by its packaging which is somewhat of a letdown, but that’s how Toshiba have been doing it for quite some time now so we don’t expect anything different. Good news is there is proper decent protection within the packaging so those getting it shipped shouldn’t have too much worry about damage in transit.

It looks good, very good in fact. But it doesn’t only look good it also feels good which is just as important. If you’re going to drop this much bunch of cash onto one of these units you’re going to want to have that premium feel to it, and the Z20t definitely delivers.
One of the best-selling points of this device are the number of ports it comes with. On both the dock and tablet itself there are more ports than you will ever concurrently need but they’re there just in case. This is no 1-port laptop; there are enough ports to let you connect almost anything you desire from projectors to hard drives and TV’s.
The display itself looks pretty enough and has very good touch response. The 1080p resolution is a key point over similar 10-12” tablets and those with this device will reap those benefits.

Powered by an Intel Core M processor, it isn’t the fastest of CPU’s, but what it does give you is incredible power to battery ratio. With both the dock and tablet powered by their own batteries you can get a reported up to 17hours with the dock or 9 hours with just the tablet. With general web surfing, a few YouTube videos and the odd application here and there these targets are comfortable achievable. I was putting it some light work every night by just using it as an iPad replacement infront of the TV to chat away on Facebook and do a few emails for a few hours every night and the batteries even after a week or so didn’t drop under 30%. Admittedly I didn’t do anything strenuous on the device it still did provide great battery life.
Ultimately what the Toshiba Z20T has become is a perfect solution for both your laptop and tablet replacement. With the dock it has the battery and comfort of a portable sized powerful laptop and in tablet mode it is light enough to carry around the house with you easily while still providing excellent battery life and all round pleasant experience.
What will turn buyers off the most is undoubtedly the price, but if you look at the long run, it isn’t that bad.
It runs full Windows 8.1 Pro, which means any other laptops or desktops you have running Windows can easily be transferred to the Z20T. Windows OneDrive has come a long way and the Z20T was made for it. Whatever you were doing on your laptop or desktop, you can simply continue doing on the Z20T.

It’s a laptop, and a tablet. It’s powerful, portable and has a battery life to match most high end tablets on the market and easily outruns any standard sized laptop. It's built extremely well and will come to good use for those looking for power and portability.

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