Friday, 27 February 2015

SteelSeries Siberia Elite Prism Headset Review!

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The SteeSeries Siberia Elite Pros, features superior sound, incredible comfort and high-end features that make it the ultimate choice in gaming headsets. SteelSeries took everything that was loved about the original, award-winning Siberia Elite and made it even better. Significant upgrades, both inside and out, make the Elite Prism everything you could ask for in a deluxe, competition-grade headset. 

Packaged in a much more deluxe box to its V3 smaller sibling the Siberia Elite Prism is all-round headset packed into a comically large design. There’s no shortage of praise for the build quality of the Elite Prism (as we’ve now come to expect as a standard feature from SteelSeries headsets).
Be aware, wearing this headset will make people look at you and giggle. The oversized yet extremely comfortable cups do add a bit of humour to the design and does look slightly distracting on ones head. If you wear these on public transport be careful not to smack another commuter across the face with the ever so large cups. The size of the Elite Prism is a bit larger than the V3 so larger heads should be ok with the sizing but it could have used a little bit extra just to make it sit just a tad bit better on your head.
The LED lighting effects can be controlled via the SteelSeries Engine 3 to go between numerous options, including ones that were left out of the Siberia V3 for some reason including Breathing & Volume Triggered. The software itself has a very clean interface and easy to navigate with simple and quick EQ controls and mic settings with added Dolby Headphone option.

This is where the Siberia Elite Prism takes charge after the Siberia V3. The sound quality is much more balanced and offers great response over all frequencies but it does require a firmware update (sound was pretty awful before the firmware update) which was done all through the SteelSeries Engine 3, which leads me to add the SteelSeries Engine has got to be one of the best software packaged I’ve come across for products like these. Gaming products tend to have very flamboyant and excessively designed interfaces that just plain don’t work or is a nightmare to work in, the SteelSeries Engine however is extremely clean interface, simple to use and it just plain works as it shows. Kudos for SteelSeries on that one, it’s definitely something to consider when purchasing a USB-enabled headset (settings won’t take effect under 3.5mm connection).
Music, movies and games were all a pleasure to listen and with multiple plug options and adapters it is usable on platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and PS4. Bass on the Elite Prism is much more defined and cleaner than its V3 counterpart but lacks solid ear rumbling lows which for most should be still comfortable to listen on (EQ is there for that reason).

Running the headset off both the USB adapter on a PC and the 3,5mm off a FiiO X3 Player the headset performed pretty evenly and is a pretty ideal daily headset to use if you have the space to carry and pack it. It’s not foldable and does not come with a pouch or bag so you will need to consider storage before hauling it around places.

For slightly less you get the Siberia V3 which drops on audio quality, the Siberia Elite Prism however is where the price difference kicks in and you get yourself a precisely crafted gaming headset. One thing I would say to SteelSeries is, drop the Dolby. It doesn’t really add anything necessary and the quality stereo setup of the headset is finely tuned enough to not need it. It is a precisely engineered piece of gear that is super comfortable and has the juice to make it a worthy investment choice.

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