Tuesday, 24 February 2015

SteelSeries Siberia V3 Prism Headset Review

Purchase Link:  http://bit.ly/ccv3prism

The SteeSeries Siberia V3 Prism features a newly-refined design that is both flexible and durable while still offering the legendary comfort of the Siberia series. The iconic Siberia suspension headband returns offering enduring, lightweight comfort for hours of gaming. Powerful, next-gen SteelSeries speaker drivers deliver rich, detailed sound for enhanced gameplay. Noise reducing memory foam ear cushions aid in isolating the natural sounds and powerful bass while keeping out outside noise. A retractable, flexible crystal-clear microphone can be muted with the flip of a switch behind the ear cup. A PC adapter and a universal 3.5mm plug means Siberia v3 plays nice on nearly all gaming systems and devices.

Super lightweight and a very high chance of good comfort, Unfortunately the 2nd part of that statement is left a bit short from me due to the fact the headband isn’t long enough for it to sit comfortable on my head. Around the office was a similar issue with the Siberia V3 more suited for younger gamers (or people with smaller heads than us here in the office). The cups themselves are very comfortable and will not distract you for lengthy listening periods. The build quality and overall design of the Siberia V3 is unchanged since its first iteration and continues to be top in its class.
The LED lighting effects can be controlled via the SteelSeries Engine 3 to go between a constant colour to an interchanging glow which cycles through different colours. The software itself has a very clean interface and easy to navigate with simple and quick EQ controls and mic settings.

This is where the Siberia V3 is a bit of a letdown. The headphone lacks quality and clean lows and generally sounds a bit muddy listening to music and movies. It does a good job with games with the lack of a clean crisp sound often helping in the player getting a bit more immersed in the game. Compared to similar headphones around the $165 mark the Siberia V3 does fall short in performance at times. The lack of 3.5mm adapter also means you won’t be using these in your portable devices anytime soon. The microphone is good and should be a pretty sweet tool for gamers across multiple platforms (currently supports Windows, Mac and PS4)

If you’re after a decent sounding headphone with 2nd to none comfort then the Siberia V3 is the one to consider. Although it does leave a desire for slightly more bass and overall cleaner sound if you want something strictly for gaming and need it to be as comfortable as possible for as long as possible then the V3 is where you should be putting your money.

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