Friday, 8 May 2015

Asus Strix Pro Gaming Headset Review!

It’s a gaming headset that mimics a mechanical owl in its design philosophy. Don’t let that cheesy explanation put you off. The Asus Strix Pro is genuinely a gaming headset you should keep an eye out on (even I’m surprised by that comment).

My daily headphone drivers include an Audio-Technica ATH-M50 and AKG K501 which are right up there in terms of sound quality and performance but comparing those to the Strix Pro is like apples and bananas. The Asus Strix Pro Gaming Headset is for those competitive gamers who need the biggest bang for the smallest bang with enough features to suite their ever changing setups and games.
The Strix Pro is powered by two thunderous 60mm drivers and yeah I will admit they are pretty thunderous, they’re loud and comforting. It also features noise cancellation with the included USB adapter, supports multiple platforms like PC, Mac PS4 and even smartphones.
Let’s just get on with the review by first looking at some of the specs!


Driver diameter : 60 mm
Driver material : Neodymium magnet
32 Ohm
Frequency Response
20 ~ 20000 Hz
Sensitivity : 98 dB

Pick-up Pattern
Microphone boom:
Frequency Response
Microphone boom:
50 ~ 16000 Hz
Microphone boom:
Sensitivity : -40 dB
General Info

Braided fibre cable (headset cable 1.2M + control box 1.5M = 2.7M (Max.)
Cable Length
2.7 meter
320 g
Control box (with 3.5mm audio/mic separate connectors)
Mobile adapter (type A)
Mobile adapter (type B)
Quick start guide

Nothing special with the Strix Pro Gaming Headset packaging, as expected although for the price tag I would have liked to seen a big better quality plastic used for the headset holder. It does come with an accessory box which does feel a bit nifty but nobody will really care, it’s just a box. 

The Strix Pro Gaming Headset is big and bulky. While on my head I do feel it occasionally getting in the way or rubbing up on my shoulders with a jacket on so if you’re planning on using this on the road keep that in mind. Putting the headphone it does have an incredibly strong clasp so people with big heads might feel the squeeze a bit, however on the good side the spring loaded adjustments do go down enough to fit evenly over my head (something regular readers would know from the SteelSeries reviews). 

You would be happy to hear it is a solidly built headset so you shouldn’t have any issues with lugging it around with your at LAN’s or taking it to your friend’s house. 

To be honest, I was expecting this to be another average run of the mill headset with lacklustre performance and all-round boring performance, I was wrong. It’s loud and covers enough of the audio spectrum to provide a comfortable and pleasurable listening experience. It isn’t perfect, the lower end is a bit muddy and can sound a bit dirty but it doesn’t affect the overall quality too much.
The STRIX Pro Gaming headset does strike quite the perfect balance for gaming. With the detachable microphone it does offer quite decent value for money in performance for the gamer.

I mixed up some music listening with some compressed, uncompressed, YouTube and even original material in Cubase and though it’s definitely not a headset to use for monitoring jobs it does give a lot to learn from with regular listening.
It’s a loud and fun gaming headset to listen with. It’s not perfect and does have a few design flaws like the over-sized cups however it still provides exceptional comfortable with solid all-round listening experience. Gamers on the market will appreciate the multiple use options for this headset so it’s definitely one to consider for your next upgrade.

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