Thursday, 5 January 2012

Gaming Mouse Pad Reviews!

We have kicked off our reviews in 2012 with a plethora of gaming peripherals for all our fans out there, and the good news for you guys is that we have plenty more to come.
The benefit of a good mouse pad is the opportunity to max out your mouse DPI and Speed features and give your mouse the best chance to perform at its peak. For testing purposes I will be using an everyday Logitech mouse. If it can perform well with these then those of you who have higher end mice should be in for a treat.

A special edition mouse pad deserves some sort of special edition packaging and the Scarab mouse pad comes in its own pouch for safe transportation and to keep it straight at all times. Within the packaging you’ll find a greeting card from Razer, a Razer sticker set and a BF3 game code to claim Razer dog tags for your BF3.
Taking the pad out first thing you notice is its rigidness. It is a solid flat piece of mouse pad and it sure does feel good. Covering the mouse pad is a picture of the BF3 cover shot with the soldier leading an army of vehicles, planes and other soldiers.

The pad sits firm and steadily on the surface of my table. The rigidness of the pad doesn’t encourage any corners rolling up over time and becoming a discomfort. It is slightly thicker than an ordinary mouse pad which is due its hard surface nature. It is sized conveniently and will fit comfortably on majority of users desks and workstations.

It feels and responds great. I’m not one who is usually a fan of mouse pads but for some reason I find this to be quite fun to have and use. If it wasn’t for the beefy price tag, which I think can be blamed on the fact that it has its own carry pouch to carry it around with.

This isn’t just a mouse pad; this is almost like an open range play yard for your mouse. It is by far one of the biggest and thickest mouse pads I have seen and used. It features a massive playing range your mouse and a brace to clip under your table. Basically it is a mouse pad and an arm rest.
My table here is quite thick and the Warpad fits with ease, so you shouldn’t have any issues sliding in this bad boy on your table. My only issue with it is that I have an L-shape desk, so the mouse pad really doesn’t suite my needs, but majority of users and gamers will be working on straight desks so I can’t see this being an issue for most.

The surface is not as smooth as you’d think. My everyday mouse doesn’t feel the best on this to be honest. I’d suspect better quality mouse with less friction would function better on this. The edges aren’t braided so you may get curling with this pad. 

Overall this pad is made for a single target market in mind, gamers. If you have a good open space on your desk and like a thick and massive mouse pad to play on, i think you have found it. In terms of size to price ratio, the XFX wins it clean.

By Sahin Selvi

The benchmark results may differ from user to user depending on what background software you are running and versions of benchmark software. These results aren’t portrayed to be seen as exact performance figures but merely as a rough estimate on the performance of the machine. These results are in no way bias to any company or person and are here to provide the end user in depth details and to provide extra assistance of potential purchases. All information on this page is subject to copyright. Please do not copy any parts of this article.

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