Monday, 13 August 2012

Logitech G600 Mouse Review!

Logitech have been around for quite some time now and though they’ve been creating pretty solid gear consistently over time, occasionally they produce a diamond from the rough, and today it’s the G600 MMO Gaming Mouse.

Let’s start with the big fat elephant in the room; the G600 has 20 MMO-tuned buttons. My first thought to that is how the heck people manage 20 buttons with just their thumbs. Holding it in my palm my brain went into a frenzy trying to adjust to the sheer number of buttons. But before we get in to the performance let’s take a look at the packaging.

In true Logitech style the box comes with a front facing door that once opened showcases the mouse at an angle that highlights the 20 buttons covered in thin perfectly moulded plastic allowing you to get a feel of the shape of the mouse.

Once opened you get a real good feel in the build quality of the mouse. You know you can always trust Logitech to build a solid piece of equipment and the G600 is no less. The long braided corded allows to be tangle-free and easily slide through crooks and crannies until it gets to your computer.
The driver with the G600 is surprisingly well polished. I’ve tested a lot of mice over the past year and seen a lot of drivers, yet the Logitech is definitely up there competing in top spot. The intuitive interface allows you to quickly and easily setup macro buttons and assign mouse buttons. 
Unfortunately for me you cannot assign the G keys as generic mouse buttons as they must be setup as actual keyboard inputs. This means basically the mouse is purely useful for MMO gamers. What this mouse also has is a third mouse button where your ring finger goes. I thought it was a neat resting place for the finger but it turned out to be another button which I think is a bit inventive to be honest. Generally mice have two main buttons but Logitech have gone and added a third which I think actually works pretty well.
I couldn’t really test out the mouse in a MMO game, I assigned generic key macros like copy and paste and tried it out in various applications and it worked out pretty good all in all! In general FPS games the mouse is actually very comfortable and easily glides across my mouse pad. The shape of the mouse allows for palmers to easily adjust to it.
The software also allows you to set the colour and effect of the G keys. You can either select a particular colour or set it to automatically cycle through automatically.

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